The investment products universe has changed significantly over the last few years. Digesting experiences from the financial crisis investors tend to favour simple and clear solutions. That’s why we can observe a growth rate for assets under management in Exchange Traded Products  (ETPs) which is well above average globally.

 Professional investors have discovered already long ago the advantages of ETFs and other exchange-traded products like ETCs for commodity investments. This is the reason for implementing them to an increasing degree into the asset allocation of their portfolios. Having said that these investment products are not yet in the focus of private investors and their financial advisors.

The future growth of Exchange Traded Products will also capture this group of investors. The speed will significantly depend on the expertise about ETFs from advisors and their clients. ETFs and other ETPs are the only financial products which display themselves by high transparency and by allowing private investors to invest at the same level of fees as large institutions. This is exactly why they should be part of any high-quality counselling session about investing in capital markets. delta one academy is supporting ETF investors and advisors when building up their comprehensive expertise to ensure a successful product selection process and implementation into investors’ asset allocation portfolios. Especially in investment advisory expertise is able to give a competitive edge!