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etf academy | deltaoneacademy

etf academy


ETF academy

education programme:

  • history of ETFs
  • scientific background for index investing
  • performance check of index investments
  • characteristics of ETFs versus investment funds and structured products
  • classification of ETFs, ETCs, ETNs, ETPs
  • functionality of indices
  • „classic“ ETFs:
    • equity markets
    • bond markets
    • money market
    • commodity indices
    • real estate
  • „exotic“ ETPs:
    • strategy indices
    • short- und leveraged products
    • ETCs on single commodities
    • currencies
    • alternative assets
    • volatility


  • selection criteria for ETFs:
    • index
    • ETF provider
    • replication methodology
    • fund assets
    • exchange liquidity
    • total expense ratio versus total cost of ownership
    • tracking quality (tracking difference and tracking error)
    • tax transparency
    • use of income
  • sources for information on ETF market
  • product-specific information
  • taxation of ETFs
  • ETFs as building blocks for asset allocation